Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 64 - The arrival

We faced a number of challenges from the climbs in the Rockies,  the headwinds in the Prairies and the hills and traffic all along Hwy 17 in Northern Ontario. We did our best to capture images of the magnificent scenery in the Rockies, beautiful and ever changing skies on the Prairies and the most incredible turquoise waters of Lakes Superior and Huron.  Of this incredible experience what we will treasure the most are the daily encounters we had with the most wonderful and generous people and the new friends we made. 

We want to extend a special thanks to Bill and Rose Lynn who offered us much advice, planning for us a route through Cochrane in order to avoid Calgary and meeting with us in Irricana, Alberta. 

To Alain and Denis thank you so much for sharing with us your experience crossing this beautiful country and making us better prepared for the unexpected.

To Andre, thanks for your constant support and encouragement.

Last but not least to all of you that followed us on our blog. What was initially a personal journal and the means to keep our families informed evolved into so much more. It became a link to what felt like a behind the scene support team with who we could share experiences good and bad, a team that could be called upon to help find things when we had neither the time or resources to do it ourselves. While you waited for your daily blog updates we in turn waited for your comments and to date total 250.

Thanks to all of you that sent in pictures and videos. We posted a few of each below.

A little video of the arrival

Another little video of the arrival

All formal with ribbon at the arrival

Celebrating with family and friends

I don't think the smile can be any bigger

I got caught off guard, I'm all smiles inside :-)

Lady on the right is Sylvie, one of our frequent commentators!

Helene trying to convince her family that once you get the hang of it, it is easy to ride a loaded touring bike. Her mother (on the right) is buying none of it. 

Maman Leroux is still not convinced. 

Robert explaining to Jacques why he voted for Helene's video  

Thank you Jose and France for bringing the delicious cake!

Helene's family, this one brought her close to tears!

Helene busy chatting with cycling/skiing friends

Lady on the right is Helen another frequent commentator!

Me chatting with friends from work

Pauline who also commented frequently

Helene with her parents, Rejeanne and Simon

Thank you everyone for all the good wishes and encouragement!

Hog's Back Falls, our last scenery picture


  1. Wonderful pictures and video again. For me the best day is your arrival in Ottawa, because it meant that you had accomplished your goal.Thanks again for the blog it was really fun to see & learn about Canada and your daily adventures .


  2. Tous les jours, en lisant votre blog, vous étiez mon rayon de soleil pour débuter ma journée. C'est pour cela que je vous ai apporté la fleur du jour....un tournesol (sunflower). J'espère qu'elle continuera à rayonner sur vous en attendant votre prochain voyage!!!

    Daniel tu avais une façon tellement spéciale de nous faire vivre votre expérience. Et le beau sourire qu'on avait d'Hélène nous confirmait le bonheur de votre périple.

    Merci encore de nous avoir permis de partager ces 64 jours!

  3. What an inspiring tour! We are nearly finished with our planning and will leave our Ohio address for Newfoundland on May 13th. I am gaining much information from your beautiful blog. I wish I could learn some technical blogging skills from you and think I should come and visit for a weekend crash course in blogger.