Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 46 - Montreal River to Havilland

82.1 km - Total so far 4,204.63 km -

It was a chilly 8 degrees when we left this morning and almost right away we were riding along the lake shore. We had gone less than a kilometer and already taking pictures. We figured that it might take us a while to get to Havilland. A few climbs in the first 15 kilometer or so but after that it was nearly flat. 

Today we were more interested sight seeing, taking pictures and relaxing than getting to Sault Ste Marie in a big hurry. We have been pedaling for the last 7 days and a change of pace was required. 

It has not been easy pedaling 1,200 km of Northern Ontario but the scenery we have observed over the last two days makes us glad we stuck with the route. 

The white box is a camper at the place we stayed overnight
Power generation plant in Montreal River

Pointing out the direction where the ship "the Edmund Fitzgerald" went down
This is what happened to the Edmund Fitzgerald
Batchawana Bay and more Lake Superior sand
Simple, easy to use and never wrong

Norway Pines est. 1940, Batchawana Bay

View from Norway Pines

More sand
51.01 miles - Total so far 2,612.63 miles


  1. About the 'sand' .... the tourist web site I visited used the euphemism cobblestone beaches.

    Signing off now to go listen to Gordon Lightfoot and The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald.

  2. Bonsoir à vous deux.
    Nous avons reçu votre colis mardi matin.Votre BLOG est très intéressant.
    Très belles photos et soyez prudents.

    Simon et Réjeanne

  3. Day 46 picture with white box camper really amazing, love the weather sign & the sand beach reminds me of the Gaspe national park beaches, thanks for making us discover all those beautiful places


  4. Très belles photos! Surtout la première, une vrai carte postale.
    Vous nous faites découvrir beaucoup de chose de notre pays.