A summary of all the videos that appear on the various post of the blog.

Day 8 - Salmon Arm to Revelstoke

As we neared Revelstoke, we came across many a waterfall and/or stream. Because of the headwind, we were able to feel the cold coming from the rushing water long before we saw anything. You cannot experience that in a car!

Day 10 - Canyon Hot Springs to Golden

The video below gives you and idea of what it is like to cycle the Trans Canada Highway in the rain. It is 4 lane, 100 km per hour road. Fingers were cold and wet, so there are some issues that affect the intro and end of the video. The vehicles usually give us lots of room but you still get sprayed!

Day 12 - Lake Louise Village to Banff

Video in Lake Louise Village where Daniel did some yoga

A couple of videos of the Legacy Trail closer to Canmore

A video of some furry friends just outside the museum

  • Video of a Chicago Coin's Band Box, dating to the 1940's found the Last Chance Saloon, Wayne, Alberta

Video of the big truck on our side of the road heading EAST. We were told to move to the other side of the road. 

Video of horses who wanted to follow us.

Below is a video to remind us of what the winds were like. Here as a result of a change in the road direction, we find ourselves with cross winds. You can clearly hear our bear bells ringing and the flags flapping! 

Day 27 - Russell to Miniota

Our first pharmacy opening.

We leave you with this video of bisons at the park in Minnedosa.

Steve O'Brien

Thunder Bay skate board park.

Using my new found tool before I have to say goodbye for ever :-(

Cave video

We did stick with the plan to take a motel and that was a good thing as you can see by the video below, the rain started around 4:30pm.

This is Helene's submission (Video A) for the 'official video' of Day 44

This is Daniel's submission (Video B) for the 'official video' of Day 44

Being by the lake shore, we spent a chilly night but being lulled to sleep by the waves was a small price to pay.

Beaver Falls video

View from the train video

Windy weather along the way

Helene cooking again :-)

Our neighbours

Bridge in Little Current

Sandhill herons

Providence Bay beach exercise machine

Helene is already getting a head start on the ski season. 

Day 58 - Wiarton to Meaford

Daniel's victory run for the 8-in adjustable wrench

Kemble Womens' Institute Lookout

Day 61 - Norland to Paudash

Helene (aka Mme Beaver) Leroux was attracted by the sound of rushing water and had to stop and take a video of Furnace Falls. 
The video below is of Helene nearing the top of the 12% climb that was accomplished without stopping.
A lovely video of rain falling outside and not on us while in a tent

Day 64 - The arrival

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