Fun Statistics

Some fun statistics of our cycling trip: Vancouver to Ottawa

Longest distance: 140.7 km - Day 34 Kenora to Dryden
Shortest distance: 38.9 km - Day 47 - Havilland to Sault Ste-Marie (The Soo)

Day Time Weather high: 34.9 (Drumheller to Hanna)
Day Time Weather low: 10

Longest day on the bike: 8 hours -  Day 34 Kenora to Dryden
Shortest day on the bike: 2 hours 22 mins - Day 47 - Havilland to Sault Ste-Marie (The Soo)

Total distance Vancouver Airport to Ottawa: 5,352.29 km
Total distance Touring Around: 194.8 km

Total distance going up hill: 29,630 m

Total Riding Days: 55
Total Rest Days:     9

Total Days riding with rain: 12
Total Days riding with no rain: 43

Daily Average Distance;  97.31 km
Daily Average Speed: 17.4 kph
Fastest Speed: 60.9 kph

Total Time Pedalling: 468:11:17 (h:m:)

Estimated Total Calories Burned: 242,495 (about 67 lbs)
  Biggest Day: Day 32        13,219
  Smallest Day: Day 47       3,261
  Average (55 Days):          4,409

Estimated Consumption of Beer and Snacks
Daniel - Stella Artois - 53.8 liters
Hélène - Stella Artois - 26.9 liters
Daniel - Hawkins Cheezies - 14.46 kg
Hélène - Ruffles All Dressed - 7.04 kg
Note: Canadians drink on average 63.35 liters of beer per year
All quantities are estimates only. The exact numbers are CLASSIFIED :-)

Hélène's Equipment Failures/Issues:
  Flat Tire:   1
  Damaged Tire: 1
  Broken Spoke:  1
  Rain Shoe Cover Ripped
  Broken zipper on bib pants - repaired with nail clippers and thread
  Lost 2 flags
  Ripped two seat covers for her Brooks saddle
  Did not tighten the handle bars properly before leaving the airport
  Battery died on the wireless odometer
  Used 2 tubes of Chamois Butt'r

Daniel's Equipment Failures/Issues:
  Damaged flag
  Front wheel was not properly tighten one day
  Cracked one mirror
  Handle bar tape was of poor quality and was falling apart
  Chamois butter was difficult to find. Used 3 tubes Chamois Butt'r
  Did not bring enough of the oil I like with me, I had to use other brands
  Broke the bike bell and replaced it with a LOUD horn!

Easiest Half-Day: Day 25 - Regina to Ft Qu'Appelle (Tail winds 25 kph gusting to 48 kmh)
Hardest Half-Day: Day 25 - Ft Qu'Appelle to Melville  (Head wind 25 kph gusting to 48 kmh)

Worst thing that happened: Asked how much we are willing to pay for a motel room
Best anecdote: Realizing that we had made a 56 km navigation error and having a good laugh about it.

Strange Questions: 
   A lady asked Hélène where she peed.

Funny Questions:
   Do you still talk to each other

Common Questions:
   Where did you start? 
   Where are you going? 
   How many km per day are you cycling?
   Which place did you prefer?
   How is the road treating you?
   Any close calls with vehicles?

               Motel Nights: 35
         Camping Nights: 30
Free Camping Nights:   2


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  1. Thanks to this page, I will buy the big tube of chamois butter. And, we may increase the ratio of hotel:camp nights...