Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 41 - Nipigon to Terrace Bay

108.4 km - Total so far 3,751.53 kms -

We spent last night at the Nipigon Marina where for a small fee, they will let you set up your tent. The facilities were not as conveniently located as we have found in real campgrounds so there was some delay in publishing the blog. It started to rain at 4:30 pm and it rained on and off until 7:30 this morning. We waited for the rain to stop so we had a later start than planned. We did finally hit the road at 8:15 on route to Terrace Bay, 104 km away.

The scenery reminded us very much of the Cabot Trail and of the Gaspésie. We had rolling terrain, surrounded by woods and the vastness of Lake Superior to our right. Unfortunately, we could not see much of the lake as there was a thick layer of fog that persisted most of the day. As we listened to the radio this morning, on the weather forecast they would announce an inland temperature and a lake shore temperature with almost 10 degrees difference. It sounds odd but you can really feel the difference as you near the lake from inland. Today it was freezing as we rolled down hill at speed towards the lake.
The fog was present for most of the day

Lake Superior reminds us very much of 'Cape Breton' or 'la Haute Gaspésie', breathtaking (especially when pedalling uphill :-) )

Daniel wearing his sun screen long sleeve shirt

War memorial in Schreiber

Mural 'Journey into our past, Schreiber Beach circa 1900'

PJ Cafe in Schreiber not much of a street presence but they serve the most incredible homemade cauliflower soup, well worth the stop

We spotted these bicycles near the grocery store in Terrace Bay, not sure which way they are heading but they are pretty loaded

We hope tomorrow that there won't be any fog so that we can take in the scenery out over the water. The route tomorrow to Marathon is mostly along the lake shore.

We want to thank the readers who took the time to do research on some of the items we put on the blog.
  • Sylvette and Pauline informed us that the flowers in the pictures yesterday were 'lupins' and that they are common to this area as well as the Maritimes.
  • Sylvie also looked up the artist who painted many of the murals we have seen not only recently but in the other provinces. Who would have thought that it is the same individual and that he also works internationally. 
  • We are learning a lot from reading your contribution to the blog. Thanks a million!
We were also asked if GrandmaRoux and Grambo were able to update the blog should Hélène or I be unable too, unfortunately not. As a small team of 4, we all have some pretty specific duties and as the pictures below show GrandmaRoux is responsible for uploading and cropping pictures and Grambo is responsible for updating and providing GPS data. Hélène is responsible for our nutrition, technical support and co-editor of the blog while Daniel looks after bicycle maintenance and time permitting, the blog.
Grambo busy uploading and editing the GPS data that you see on the blog

GrandmaRoux uploading pictures and doing some expert picture cropping

67.36 miles - Total so far 2,318.66 miles


  1. Congratulations to your team for making it this far. One supposes that with all the intense daily activity, there's no opportunity to cross-train GrandmaRoux and Grambo.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Lake Superior shoreline with the fog.

  2. It's too bad about the fog, but it creates a mystical scenery, hoping for clear weather tomorrow.


  3. Bella and I are really excited about your adventure! You inspired our own little adventure on sunday to Fitzroy Harbour! Have fun and be safe!