Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Video Quality Upgraded

The post ride Blog editing has started and should last for a while.

Helene has been busy working on our videos. They are now of better quality and have a bigger viewing window. We have also compiled all of the videos on one page so you don't have to go through every page of the blog again. So for those of you who where concerned about withdrawal, well you still have something to take care of that problem.

You can access them on the Videos page via the Blog Index or via this link http://hd-canadabybike.blogspot.ca/p/videos.html.

We are still busy updating our Fun Statistic, Food post and Equipment Failures and Success.

Just check the blog every week or so and updates we will inform you of what has been updated.

We are now amusing ourselves with our road bikes since we had signed up for an event a 160 km ride in August in order to have something to focus on upon our return. 

Not nearly as much fun as loaded touring bike but a lot faster!

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  1. Hoorah!!! More photos, videos and information from these two fantastic bloggers!